WP-ExtJS Chart Example

Here’s an example of the wp-extjs plugin in action. The wp-extjs plugin creates a new custom WordPress post type called ExtJS Snippets. It also creates a shortcode that you can use in your posts or pages to include the working examples from your ExtJS Snippets.

To create this example, I first created a new ExtJS Snippet with the following content:

Create a custom sidebar for each page or post with this Graceful Sidebar WordPress Plugin

A friend and fellow poker fan recently reached out with a wordpress question… She was looking for a way to customize a client’s sidebar content based on the page or post currently being displayed.  

Well – it seemed logical so I dug in for a few minutes and came up with the Graceful Sidebar Plugin.  The plugin is very simple – but accomplishes the initial goals.  To use the plugin, simply install it, activate it and drag the Graceful Sidebar widget to your theme’s sidebar.  Then, create two custom fields in the post or page whose sidebar you want to customize – “graceful_title” and “graceful_content”… that’s it.

Visit the Graceful Sidebar Plugin page for more information and to download.