Graceful Sidebar

* Update December 24th, 2012 – Version 1.0.15 Released – IMPORTANT NOTE – This release fixes a bug which caused your custom sidebars to be deleted when editing multiple posts using the bulk edit feature… please backup your database and update to version 1.0.14 Available from


Here’s a WordPress plugin created to enable you to control and customize the sidebar content for pages and posts. To use the plugin, unzip the contents into your wp-content/plugins/ directory. It will create a directory called graceful_sidebar.

Once installed, and activated, create custom fields for a page or post called graceful_title and graceful_content. When you view the page or post, a sidebar will display showing the content of the title and content fields.

Or – use the newly created Graceful Title and Graceful Content boxes that are now (as of version 1.0.4) a part of the plugin installation… this allows you to supply the title and content for your custom sidebar right in the post or page edit screen – without having to create a custom field and remember the custom field names.

Next, simply visit the widgets page and make sure you drag the Graceful Sidebar widget to one of your theme’s sidebars.

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Are you using this plugin for your site?  If so, leave a comment and tell me about it.  Also, please remember to rate the script on the WordPress plugin site.