WP-Meerkat is a WordPress Plugin that enables bloggers to create flexible popup messages around the borders of their blog. This plugin uses Jarod Taylor’s jQuery extension.

Who needs this?

You. Assuming you’re a blogger that wants to present incoming users with a special customizable message at the border of your blog that disappears after a configurable amount of time.

How do I use this?

Download the plugin – or install it directly from your WordPress admin panel. Click on the WP Meerkat settings link in the admin settings panel and tell WP Meerkat what you’re after. Be sure to checkout the fadeout feature which removes the popup from sight after a configurable amount of seconds.

What’s Next?

Download the Plugin from Here.

What does it look like?

Who did you make this for?

This plugin was specifically developed for WordPress bloggers from [wpgeocode_city].

5 Replies to “WP-MeerKat”

  1. Looks like a great plugin, but I’m having trouble getting it to work properly straight from the box. When I load the page, the popup immediately displays and hides, unless I add a delay time to it, but I assumed blank meant indefinite.

    Also, when I do keep it via delay time, there’s no background to the popup—just floating text. I haven’t done anything with the CSS or any other display properties.


    1. Jason, thanks for checking out the plugin… might be a bit rough around the edges – but let’s see if we can fix it up. The background field is looking for some css… so you can provide either a color code – like “#000000” or you can provide a url specification – like this: “url(images/meerkat-bot-bg.png) repeat-x left top”. Here’s a link to reference for the background tag – http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_background.asp

      I’m thinking I might need to change the way that works to make it easier – for example, provide a color selector rather than forcing folks to understand html color codes… and maybe even provide users the capability to upload a background image…

      As for the delay – let me look at that and see if I’ve got some buggy code…

  2. Hey Mike:

    Thanks for the attention to the matter. I’m a developer myself, so I’ve no problem dealing with hex color codes and the like, but the current property CSS doesn’t seem to work. I have the following as the background:

    #000000; (Opacity: .75)

    It should produce a 75% transparent black. As it is there’s no background at all—only floating text.

    Also, if I may, would it be possible to add a checkbox (or something) which makes it so the message only happens on the home page?

    Thanks! 🙂

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