Graceful Sidebar Updated – Version 1.0.14 Released

The Graceful Sidebar is a WordPress plugin that enables you to display custom sidebar content for each of your posts or pages. This update fixes a problem that resulted in deleted sidebars.  As always, please remember to backup your wordpress database prior to installing this (or any) updated plugin.  Check out this guide to backing up your database for additional details on exactly how to do that.

Zen and the Art of Stack Ranking with Excel


Stack Ranking as the name implies is the process of stacking things or people up and applying a 1 to n rating to each.  Unlike a standard performance rating, a ranking implies that no two employees should have the same assigned rank and that when you’re finished, someone will be number one and someone will be on the bottom of the pile.

Stack Ranking the members of your team can be a loathsome task.  Especially when you consider the fact that many companies use this tool as a way to identify and carry out targeted reductions in force.  The issue that many managers face when it comes to stack ranking is that even if you have a solid team of super hero performers, someone will be on the bottom of the list.

Some have argued that there are many problems with the stack ranking system.  And I must admit the arguments against are valid.

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