Delete Your Instagram Account!

Privacy – How to protect your Instagram Photos using Open Source and UNIX Tools

Delete Your Instagram Account!

Delete Your Instagram Account!

The changes Instagram has made to their terms of service will effectively give them the right to sell your photographs to advertisers. While Instagram has backtracked and quickly released statements attempting to downplay the wording of the terms, the fact remains that they have the right to use your photographs however they want.

This article presents one method you may wish to use to download your photographs and remove your account to prevent this from happening by the effective date of the terms of service change.

We’ll look at leveraging some tools that are freely available to backup your Instagram photos and remove your account. The article assumes you know your way around a UNIX command line – but gives guidance if you’re new to this.

There are several options available to do this. The first of which should one of the live services such as Instarchive or Instaport. At the time I wrote this article, both services were getting slammed so heavily that I was unable to use them. For fear, that I’d forget and miss out on removing my photos, I went digging for other solutions.

I suppose you could go to the Instagram web page, click through each and every one of your photos, right-click, save and download to your computer to save them – but if you’re like me and have several dozens or even hundreds of photographs, this would be far too tedious.


The following process involves leveraging the beautiful and quite awesome Firefox browser, along with the equally awesome Firebug browser-based debugging tool. If you’re not using these tools, I would highly recommend downloading them and trying them out… even if you’re not a developer, the firefox browser is very good.

In addition to these tools, we’re going to leverage a site called This site allows you to provide your Instagram userid on the url i.e.[YOUR_USER_ID] to view all of your available Instagram photos.

Doing so gives you a nice, scrolling web page with all of your photos. Once you have them displayed, be certain to scroll downward to reveal all photos as the page will continue to reveal more photos as you scroll downward.

Now that you’ve got all of your photos displayed on a single page, you can use Firebug to display a

Delete Instagram Photos using Firebug

link to each and every photo in the list. If you’re not familiar with Firebug, this may seem a bit tricky and you may want to stick with one of the services mentioned earlier.

To do so, ensure that you have Firebug installed and. You should see the Firebug icon in the upper right hand corner of Firefox if you have it installed properly. If you do, click the bug to enable the javascript console.

You should see the console appear at the bottom portion of your browser window, unless of course, you’ve modified the default preferences and choose to have the debugger console displayed somewhere else, such as a free-floating window. ┬áThe following image should look like something you see with Firebug enabled.

Firebug's Firefox Javascript Debugger

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