Paris Trip Notes – Day 5

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Today is Friday October 6th, 2017.  I’ll fly back home to Philadelphia today.  Once again the previous day kept me busy with work, and preparation, and helping colleagues in the office so little time for tourism.

I did however, enjoy a phenomenal meal at Monsieur Bleu last night.  Another incredible experience.  Prior to coming to Paris, I was on a limited carbohydrate diet – a ketogenic diet.  I made a conscious decision to relax that and last night was a massive departure… I loved it.  I ate (and thoroughly enjoyed) the pre-meal bread with amazing salted butter.  I ordered a beef dish – and devoured it.  I even enjoyed a blissful dessert called Café gourmand.  Essentially this was a plate of a variety of small(ish) pastries and mini-cakes and an espresso.  I later learned that in french gourmand translates to the english word greedy.   That sums it up really well – I want to taste ALL of these amazing desserts.

This has been an incredible, albeit short peek into a culture to which I’ve had thus far had little visibility.  I’m grateful to have experienced it and I hope to return very soon.

Word(s) of the day:

 Je suis reconnaissant I am thankful


The French invented the metric system, the decimalized way of counting and weighing, in 1793 – the original prototype kilo, Le Grand K, is a cylinder made in the 1880s out of platinum and iridium and about the size of a plum, and was the only object known to scientists to have a mass of exactly 1kg.  Everything else measured in kilograms is defined by Le Grand K.  It’s kept locked away under three vacuum-sealed bell jars in a vault in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Sevres, France.  Duplicate cylinders were sent around the world and every so often they’re compared to the original.  But Le Grand K mysteriously seems to be losing weight: The last time it was weighed, in 1988, it was found to be 0.05 milligrams (less than a grain of sugar) lighter than the copies.

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