Web Site Design Project Plan – Free Project Template

Designing and implementing a new web site is not a simple task. Depending on the content and goals of your web site, it can be extremely complex. One way to ensure the successful, on time completion of your project is to spend a good deal of time in the planning phase. The free template below will give you a starting point and may help you structure your implementation project.

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 Project Management with Microsoft Excel

Excel Project Management Template

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” —Benjamin Franklin Among the many titles in Ben Franklin’s vast career, I’m fairly certain you will not find “Project Manager.” However, you can be sure that he understood the value of planning to ensure the success of any activity requiring multiple tasks. Benjamin Franklin didn’t […]

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 Excel Project Planning Spreadsheet Updated Version 3

*** Updated 11/2014 *** Be sure to check out the updated version of this template. This article builds on a previous post which covers Project Planning leveraging Microsoft Excel Some users of the Microsoft Excel Project Planning Spreadsheet Template expressed trouble modifying the date ranges when customizing the template. To make this process a bit […]

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